Ricotta-Parmigano TART

This creamy and milky tart highlights the delicate flavor of Parmesan cheese (we use the real deal). A sprinkle of parsley adds freshness throughout.

Serve just slightly warmed for breakfast, lunch, snack — it tastes great any time of day. 



A shortbread shell filled with crema parmesano and herbs, and loaded with a variety of seasonal roasted vegetables.

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Crispy crackers that are wonderful on their own or alongside a cheese and meat plate. Made in small batches and cut by hand.

Varieties: Original, rosemary-thyme, semolina

Spinach TART

Our version is certainly different from any other spinach tarts  you've had. We combine spinach with a silky bechamel sauce, bread and cookie crumbles (yes!), raisins and nutmeg. Together, the flavors are outstanding.




An Italian croissant, filled with ham and cheese
(a sweet cornetto with vanilla pastry cream is also available!)