We deliver within Bloomington! Please order at least a week in advance; some cakes may be available on shorter notice.

These aren't your standard buttercream-frosted cakes.

From top to bottom, each layer has been given careful thought — we promise an unforgettable mingling of textures and favors. You can expect authentic Italian fillings like decadent pastry cream and mascarpone custard paired perfectly with lighter layers like spongy cake and crunchy, ethereal meringue. Premium chocolate, coffee and fruit lend pure, natural flavor.

Our cakes are perfect for a wedding down to a dinner for two, and everything in between: birthdays, holidays, dinner parties and other celebrations. Each cake is elegantly decorated to fit the mood.

Create a custom cake, or choose from one of our signature cakes here. Let's get started: email info@piccolidolci.net.

mini-noccio (1).jpg


** Gluten free.**  A single-layer cake loaded with hazelnut flour and draped in dark chocolate ganache. A touch of espresso coffee is added to the batter, which intensifies the nutty and chocolaty flavors.

It's almost too easy to go for a second slice, in search for one more bite of that perfect combination of nuts and chocolate.

6-inch, serves 4, $18
8-inch, serves 8, $26
10-inch, serves 12+, $36




Layers of light sponge cake alternate with rich vanilla pastry cream (a treat in itself) and sliced strawberries. Simple, yet superbly balanced — truly an unforgettable cake.

6-inch, serves 4, $22
8-inch, serves 8, $40
10-inch, serves 12+, $50



Piccoli Dolci puts its spin on this Venetian classic with homemade lady fingers, soaked in espresso and cushioned by a decadent mascarpone custard. A generous dusting of cocoaon top is the perfect finish.

6-inch, serves 4, $20
8-inch, serves 8, $38
10-inch, serves 12+, $48



Meringue layer cake

Layers of light-as-air meringue—an ethereal confection that melts in your mouth — and luscious cream, flavored with vanilla, strawberry or raspberry. Wrapped in bits of meringue for a stunning look.

Available seasonally, email for availability and pricing: info@piccolidolci.net



Chocolate mirror cake

Underneath a shiny chocolate glaze lies two layers of spongy chocolate cake, a layer of chocolate buttercream with cantucci crumbles, and two thin layers of apricot preserves.


6-inch, serves 4, $22
8-inch, serves 8, $40
10-inch, serves 12+, $50



Wheat-free! Rich, buttery almond flour with decadent chocolate chunks