Our tarts

Please order a week in advance; some tarts may be available with shorter notice. 

Our authentic tarts are made from scratch in small batches using our favorite recipes from across Italy, each a tradition in their region. You'll find flavors that are perfectly balanced, and never overly sweet.

Most of our tarts start with a buttery shortbread crust — our signature recipe that we've perfected over time — that is rolled out by hand and then filled with flavorful ingredients like fruit preserves, lemon and dark chocolate.  

These tarts are wonderful for dessert, of course, but they also hit the spot at breakfast and as a snack alongside coffee and tea.

Our tarts are sold whole and in individual slices at farmers' markets, grocery stores and other shops, and whole tarts can be made to order. Email info@piccolidolci.net



This classic tart is enjoyed throughout Italy, and its fruit filling varies by region. With a shortbread crust and lattice top, ours is filled with either apricot or raspberry fruit preserves. 

6-inch, serves 4, $15
8-inch, serves 8, $23
10-inch, serves 12+, $32

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Ricotta tart

Creamy ricotta cheese and flecks of dark chocolate are an amazing pair — the proof is in this tart. It has a shortbread crust, while whipped egg whites lend a pillowy texture. 

6-inch, serves 4, $16
8-inch, serves 8, $27
10-inch, serves 12+, $37

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Lemon tart

Silky, souffle-like lemon filling cradled in a shortbread crust. Lighter and airier than most lemon bars, thanks to fluffy whipped egg whites. Lots of fresh lemon zest and juice give this tart a superb flavor.

6-inch, serves 4, $16
8-inch, serves 8, $27
10-inch, serves 12+, $37

Apricot-semolina tart

This tart is our twist on semolina cake, the classic Italian dessert. A shortbread crust holds a soft, moist, cake-like filling made with semolina flour, which imparts a wonderful coarse-crumb texture, and chopped, dried apricots.


Brown sugar tart

A flaky  shortbread crust holds two distinct layers: one, a silky, creamy filling flavored with vanilla and nutmeg, and the other,  a crunchy brown sugar topping.


Poppyseed tart

*Gluten free*  This cake-like tart is loaded with poppy seeds, and is made with almond flour instead of wheat flour. A center layer of tart raspberry preserves adds just the right fruity note. 



Fiorentina tart

A traditional tart in Florence. The crust holds together a middle milky layer and rich ganache made from unbeatable Valrhona dark chocolate. This chocolate turns even the simplest tart into something extraordinary. 

Umbra tart

Deceptively simple and rustic looking from the outside, this tart is actually quite complex and elegant. A shortbread crust holds three layers: apricot preserves, vanilla pastry cream made with real vanilla beans, and a nutty top crust made with almond and hazelnut flours.

6-inch, serves 4, $16
8-inch, serves 8, $27
10-inch, serves 12+, $37



Underneath all of that fresh fruit lies a layer of vanilla pastry cream, making for a light, refreshing dessert held together by our signature shortbread crust.

6-inch, serves 4, $20
8-inch, serves 8, $30
10-inch, serves 12+, $40



6-inch, serves 4, $16
8-inch, serves 8, $27
10-inch, serves 12+, $37

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