other sweets

From chilled cream cups to light-as-air meringues, we create many confections beyond cookies and tarts. We especially love sharing traditional Italian holiday sweets with our customers. 



These light-as-air treats are crunchy at first, but they quickly melt in your mouth. Our most popular flavor is vanilla, but we have several intriguing flavors including coriander, coriander-coffee, cardamom-mint, jasmine tea and licorice. Our meringues take on special shapes around the holidays.



A soft French pastry with a delicate, spongy texture and shell shape. These two-bite treats come in vanilla and lemon flavors, and other seasonal varieties.



Semifreddo, meaning "half-frozen," is a dessert consisting of layers of sweetened cream, cake, and fruit. Sold in individual portions, simply take the semifreddo out of the freezer 10-15 minutes before serving, then enjoy the rich, creamy flavor.

Flavors include lemon-raspberry, apricot-Madagascar vanilla bean, and espresso. 


Crumbly tarts

Not quite a cookie, not quite a tart ... these nutty shortbread bites are rich, soft, and, yes, crumbly, just like their name. Made with a blend of almond flour and cornmeal for a satisfying grainy texture.


Holiday cookie boxes

A boxed assortment of our heirloom and specialty cookies is the perfect gift for hostesses, colleagues, and, well, just about anyone who enjoys nibbling on something sweet. 

Chocolate Easter eggs

In Italy, it wouldn't be Easter without one of these beautiful, hallow chocolate eggs. We make these by hand using premium Valrhona dark chocolate. It's a careful, delicate process, but the results are worth it! They're nearly too pretty to crack open.



Light and delicate folds of house-made puff pastry



Light and flaky puff pastry